The Characters

What follows is the list of important characters in the saga.

Main Characters

Bakong han Muyang Kalayo

She/Her. The Demon Princess of the Azure Flame. Daughter of the Demon Queen in White. Nephew of Puasa the Iron Warlord of the Moon. The Hero Murdering Princess.

A young binukot, veiled maiden, kept hidden from the world so that their purity is kept for their eventual husband. Bakong, in the eyes of her father, is valuable enough to become the bride-offering to Akai for the regions of Gatusan and Akai to be allied together.

Bakong is a meek girl who has been trained in the usual things a binukot is trained in: song, poetry, dance, writing, and even politics. However she has never seen the true light of day, and only leaves her enclosure (bukot) that is a cave on the outskirts of Kangdaya (Gatusan’s capital) during her menstruations. When she is sent to Akai with her royal guard, Masuna, she sees the truth of the world and the suffering of those around her.

She is daring, but values her relationships with others above all else. She dare not speak for herself–for the longest time she’s had someone else do that for her.

Conviction: Ideals.

Born in: During the 29th Day of the 11th Moon of Addawa Year 1001 (20 harvests old)

Likes: Salty food, the sea, poetry and song, being able to protect herself

Dislikes: Needless violence, the rule of kings, the state of the world

Masuna Kulisat

He/They/Them. The Bright Lightning. Fated guardian of the She Who Murders Heroes. A Sword. Filled with familial piety and Unwilling Disciple of the Blade Gospel.

A kawal (guardian or knight) born in Ba-e. He was recruited into Gatusan by Sri Kabugwason, one of the many princes of Gatusan. An esteemed swordsman, he took upon the arts of the Kawal, the Eight Direction Guardian, as a penance for having been turned into a sword.

He is extremely faithful and loyal to a fault, obsessed with his gratitude to others. Some might even find this problematic, but he finds nothing wrong with it. He is severe, however, and will strike at those he is pointed at. He is one of the best swordsmen in the Dragon Guard, the royal guardianship of Gatusan.

He is skilled in the arts of war, but also in the arts of healing and spirit-speaking, after a couple of harvests worth of training with the priest-shaman Dagna. He has been a woman during his apprenticeship, and still feels that way.

Conviction: Family.

Born in: During the 1st Day of the 4th Moon of Addawa Year 999 (22 harvests old)

Likes: Foreign food, the blade art, violence (he whets himself against it), his family

Dislikes: Liars, those that use their violence to control others, war, slavery

Major Characters


They/Them. Demon familiar of Bakong. Esteemed sorcerer and practitioner of magics. Works also as a guardian of the Demon-Princess. Curious about mortals.

Given to Bakong by her mother as a gift for her journey, Bangahom is a well accomplished sorcerer, though they do not have much memory of whatever past life they wielded. Bangahom is a yawa, that is, a demon. It is understood that they are a yawa of sorcery, due to their aptitude for witchcraft. They are supposed to teach Bakong the ways of sorcery as well.

In their time in the mortal world, they have grown ever more curious about the ways of mortals and folk. This prods them on more than their duty to Bakong.

They also have the ability to take on multiple mortal folk forms, shaped by their sorcery and power over illusion.

Conviction: Curiosity.

Born in: ?

Likes: Mortals, magic, dried fish

Dislikes: Devata, shamans (they can exorcise them!), being weaker in magic

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