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In the Isles of Violence, the Spider Lily of Azure Flame is sent to the neighboring Sultanate as bride gift to create an allegiance, to consolidate power, and The Ashen Star God, with 180 Sidereal Swords, sends the Hero of Prophecy to Herald of the Millennium Kingdom:

Sunder the world with your sins.

A storm upends the supposedly uneventful bride-gifting: the Spider Lily is visited by her demon-witch mother, and for the first time after being released from her perpetual seclusion, experiences the truth of the world’s violence:

Rejoice in the glory of combat.

Witness now: the Spider Lily of the Azure Flame, the Shining Lightning of the Dragon Guard, her demon-sorceress servant, the Greatest Warrior in the Isles, and the Half-Female Lord, as they trawl and trudge and strive and survive in the Isles of Violence, knowing the one truth fulminating from their souls:

The hero must die.

PRINCESS MURDERS THE HERO is a free web epic sung by Love-in-Fulmination (Gugmamibuto) inspired by Southeast Asian Folk Epics and wuxia, featuring larger than life mortals that must prove their conviction, slick fight scenes, complicated relationships, and a violent world inspired by the refulgent cultures of Southeast Asia.

Read if you liked Raya and the Last Dragon, The Raid, Jin Yong’s Legend of the Condor Heroes, RF Kuang’s The Poppy War or Kill Six Billion Demons.

This web novel series is inspired by various Fantasy Novels (notably: Earthsea, the Bas-Lag Trilogy, Tigana/Lions of Al-Rassan/Under Heaven, Legend of the Condor Heroes, and Sabriel), Asian dramas (Amaya, Scarlet Heart Ryeo), Comics and Manga (Kill 6 Billion Demons, Full Metal Alchemist), and video game narratives (Tactics Ogre).

It is set in the fantasy archipelago of The Sword Isles, a postclassical Fantasy setting inspired by the refulgent and diluvial stories of Southeast Asia.

This is a bayani genre web serial, inspired by Southeast Asian folk epics and martial art heroes.

This is a content warning for the following: slavery, murder, genocide, classism, family death, violence.

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This is a Heroic Fantasy novel set in The Sword Isles, a setting inspired by Classical Period Philippines and Southeast Asia. It is written by Writer, Novelist, and Game Designer makapatag.

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